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About Us - 10+ Years Serving NOVA

Family Owned and Operated Means Top Quality Everywhere

We are family owned and operated business. All members of the company are family or friends. This is how we can ensure the best quality of work at a great value to all our customers. Every detail, from our staff to our approach,  is focused on delivering a quality result for you.

What We Do

Professional Service

BL Landscaping and Tree services range from Landscaping to Hardscaping to Trees to Snow Removal and much more.

Please take a look at our services offerings below and let us know if you have any questions. We are here to ensure you have the best quality for the best price.

Grading & Drainage

Grading & Drainage Services include the Re-grade or re-slope of your yard, lawn, or entire property landscape, in order to ensure water will run off in another direction. This is done to avoid problems like Foundation Drainage, Basement Flooding, garden pooling, and erosion problems.


Hardscape Services, or Hardscaping, is the enhancement of a property by installing non-plant elements for both visual and/or functional purposes. ex. installation of retaining wall, walkways, paving, pavers, and lighting in a planned outdoor area.


Landscape Services, or Landscaping, is the enhancement of a particular piece of land by planting or changing the contour of the land; which can be purely aesthetic (visual) or serve a function. ex. Planting trees, creating garden beds, ext.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Price and Unbeatable Quality.

Our Landscaping services are of top quality just like all our other services. We have many years of experience and are skilled in the numerous solutions available for Designing, Creating, and Transforming beautiful property landscaping.

Top Quality

We offer the best quality services available in the Northern Virginia area; along with amazing competitive prices.

Lower Costs

A family owned and operated business allowing a low overhead cost; passing the savings onto your bill.

Customized Solutions

We create solutions focused on solving your properties needs, delivering on your vision with function, design, and longevity in mind!

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20% Off*

first project or service call. residential only.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

We look to provide the best service, service that brings quality and customer satisfaction every time.

Decades of Local Expertise

Owner Gustavo has been servicing the lawns and communities of Northern Virginia for decades.

Guarantee Service

Our reputation is on the line for every project, so you can guarantee we will provide our best quality workmanship and level service.

Hi, I am Gustavo, Owner of BL Landscpaing & Trees.

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